How Herb Grinders Work

herb-grinderHerb grinders are machines that help in grinding herbs, as its name indicates. The herbs that are grinded may be referred to as parts of plants such as leaves, roots, flowers, and even barks. These parts are mainly grinded for their medical uses and properties which may be used in making medicines. Herb grinders are also used to produce goods or ingredients used in food such as powdered spices and coffee beans. Grinders are also used to process plants such tobacco and cannabis or weed, or popularly known as marijuana.

Grinders can be made out from wood, plastic, solid steel and, aluminum and sometimes a combination of steel materials to offer some specific features like durability. The main operation done inside a grinders is continuous rotation with the help of electric motors which may run from direct electricity or batteries. Grinders may have specialized cutting razor sharp blades like the ones found in the popular Space Case Grinders which practically do not dull out or need replacements.

Herb grinders can come in different colors, sizes, functions, and prices. Prices depend on the materials and functions offered by a grinder. Some grinders may even have self cleaning features which may contribute to a higher price. Grinders can also be classified according to the number of pieces. A four piece grinder is generally used to achieve varied particle sizes, while a five piece one may feature an extra screen mesh for better and finer powdered results. Some grinders are also designed to be portable. Space Case grinder has also small, lightweight and portable grinders which can work equally with larger herb grinders of other companies.

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